A modern home combines numerous security features. Camera surveillance, detectors for determining when someone is present/absent, smoke detection, gas detection, etc. IPBuilding combines all of this and ensures your property is safe, also during your absence.

Camera surveillance

Both fire protection and burglary alarms can be perfectly integrated to provide optimum security. For example, the smoke detectors can be connected to the electric shutters, so that they can be raised in case of a fire, and at the same time a str…

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Access control

“One badge only instead of many keys”

Access control is indispensable, both in individual homes and in a building (care setting, apartment building, office building). IPBuilding links a badge reader to the IPBuilding user platform. This enables you, as an administrato…

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Door communication & intercom

“Video and speaking and listening link to visitors”

A SIP compatible videophone with call panel is located at the main entrance. A total of 31 push buttons are provided (30 assisted-living homes + reception). When a person rings the doorbell, the touchscreen of the relevant ho…

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Opensource solution

IPBuilding’s technology is based on the open internet protocol (IP protocol). This is the global standard for images, speech and data exchange between technologies in homes and buildings. This choice ensures continuity in the future.

Connect all the technologies to a single unit

More and more homes and buildings are equipped with intelligent solutions that do not communicate between each other. IPBuilding brings all devices and technologies together in a single intelligent platform, with permanent data exchange.

Easy to use

IPBuilding focuses on your convenience. We strive to reduce complexity for our customers as much as possible. Everyone can operate their smart home via a touch screen, tablet, PC or smartphone, without the need for a technician!

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