Energy Monitoring

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be integrated by IPBuilding and customised per room or depending on whether you are at home.We can obtain further energy reductions by using motion sensors in combination with light and time-based controls, active sunscreens and controllable electrical outlets that eliminate standby consumption.



Energy management

IPBuilding enables you to fully monitor your energy consumption resulting in a lower energy bill.

You can integrate your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and set them up in a very user friendly manner, per room or depen…

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Zone heating

“Extra comfort and especially energy-saving”

IPBuilding ensures comfort and efficient energy management. One example is the integrated zone heating system where smart temperature sensors in the living room, bedroom and bathroom are connected to the UT…

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Ventilation control

“For a healthy living and working environment”

An unhealthy inside climate can cause breathing problems, a dry throat, headaches, allergies, loss of concentration, lack of energy or sleepiness. Too much moisture in the house can in turn create odors, condensation and …

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Active sunscreens

“Light and heat from the sun according to your own wishes”

By using climate sensors and timers, all electric sunscreens (blinds, curtains, screens) will independently and automatically be raised or lowered, based on the climate outside and inside, the…

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