Smart living is a must. IPBuilding integrates various technologies that provide added value in terms of comfort. For example, you can operate your screens remotely, as well as the lighting, heating, multimedia, etc.

Home automation

In an intelligent home, the various systems (lighting, heating, electrical devices, etc.) are linked together and communicate with each other. This gives residents a greater sense of comfort. For example, when sitting in your car, with a single action, you can op…

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You know the feeling. You come home at night and turn on the lights, close the curtains, put the heating up and switch on the television, and so on. A lot of actions that IPBuilding groups into ‘atmospheres’.

For example, you can have a ‘welcome’ atmosphere that is triggered…

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Active sunscreens

“Light and heat from the sun according to your own wishes”

By using climate sensors and timers, all electric sunscreens (blinds, curtains, screens) will independently and automatically be raised or lowered, based on the climate outside and inside, the…

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Connect all the technologies to a single unit

More and more homes and buildings are equipped with intelligent solutions that do not communicate between each other. IPBuilding brings all devices and technologies together in a single intelligent platform, with permanent data exchange.

Opensource solution

IPBuilding’s technology is based on the open internet protocol (IP protocol). This is the global standard for images, speech and data exchange between technologies in homes and buildings. This choice ensures continuity in the future.

Easy to use

IPBuilding focuses on your convenience. We strive to reduce complexity for our customers as much as possible. Everyone can operate their smart home via a touch screen, tablet, PC or smartphone, without the need for a technician!