Smart Second Homes. Manage a second home smartly, locally and remotely

The purchase of a second home remains attractive for many Belgians. Primarily to enjoy it themselves during a good part of the year, perhaps also to rent it out, and eventually occupy it permanently. Smart Living technology has found its way to second homes and offers a substantial surplus.  Because second homes are usually not occupied permanently, local and remote management of your second home, such as managing heating, ventilation, security, energy reduction and access control, is an absolute must.


Owners of a second home are looking for comfort. A second home should therefore also provide carefree living, or a getaway from hectic life. If, for example, you arrive at your apartment at the Belgian seaside, you would of course like to immediately start your (long) weekend without having to waste time to ready the apartment. In a smart living concept you can remotely set the apartment ‘active’. Sunscreens, ventilation, heating, lighting and even multimedia can be activated in advance to obtain a fitting ‘welcome sphere’. Upon arrival, all techniques can also be managed via your own smartphone, tablet or via the touchscreen installed at the apartment.

All of this is realized by IPBuilding, an innovative Flemish entrepreneur for Smart Living technology. IPBuilding produced a user-friendly IP based platform in which all techniques and devices are combined and allow easy exchange of information.

Jo Coenen (IPBuilding): “Smart living technology is a real surplus for second homes. To be able to manage all techniques locally and remotely is indispensable. By opting for the internet protocol (IP) as a project developer, you also succeed in making future proof apartments.”


Security is crucial for temporary housing. Through a combination of window contacts, badge readers, intelligent smoke detectors and an innovative integrated access control system, IPBuilding offers solid follow up of inhabitants, renters and cleaning staff / suppliers.  Video surveillance can also be part of this mix. With push-notifications the apartment could also keep you informed, whether you are the owner or the building manager.


Forgot your keys? No problem, with the IPBuilding solution the owner of the apartment can give access and open the door(s) remotely. A cleaning service that is planned on each Thursday morning for a few hours? Likewise, they can enter the apartment with a unique badge, programmed to only access during that time. This gives the owners and/or managers a perfect overview of who enters and leaves the second home.
The smart building technology of IPBuilding can be extended with an ICECALL-emergency call system. This system can supply an emergency call button in the bathroom, on the touchscreen and via a wrist/neck transmitter . This can be linked to a care service, a care center in the area, a professional or informal health care provider or a family member. IPBuilding provides you with a real life-long housing apartment. Owners can keep on enjoying their second home during the autumn of their life, in which they might be living permanently at this time.

Would you like to create a smart second home?

To benefit from the unlimited possibilities of the Internet Protocol (IP), modern (UTP)  cabling is crucial. Our specialists gladly assist you during the concept phase with the project developer and/or client. Contact us via : or +32 (0)9 279 89 69.

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