Central Park 98 (Houten Schoen)

  • Category Smart Living
  • Location Sint-Niklaas
  • Client Intrabouw
  • Date 20 jun 2018

With Central Park 98 Intrabouw, project developer from the region Waasland, has again reached their goal to realize attractive energy-efficient  new buildings. These park residencies, nicknamed Houten Schoen, with 31 luxurious apartments, was completely integrated in the environment of green pastures, a magnificent lake, and a nature reserve.

Stefaan Maes (Intrabouw) observes: « Also with this project and its modern design architecture, we go beyond the current insulation and energy laws. These are BEN (almost energy neutral) apartments with an E-level of 28. »

Also the selection of the smart living techniques of IPBuilding contribute to these energy-efficient apartments.

Jo Coenen (IPBuilding): «The controlled heating, weather dependent sun screens and the extended home automation also achieve that the BEN level is surpassed. Naturally, this modern concept is also foreseen with door video communication, video surveillance and access control.»

All these smart techniques and devices are collected within one user-friendly, open IP platform. Upon request, every inhabitant can manage the lighting, sunscreens, heating, access through the touch screen or via the app on smart phone or tablet. The building manager can also monitor all techniques and/or make any required adjustments. The result is more comfort, ease of use and safety within reach for everyone.

Are you interested to equip your residential building project and make it a  future proof, full-fledged smart building concept? Contact us via: +32 (09) 279 89 69 or sales@ipbuilding.com.

Overview of techniques and devices:
• Modern universal cabling
• Multi-functional push buttons
• Pre-sets and atmospheres
• Intuitive touch screen 10,4″
• Remote Settings, config
• Control via smart phone, tablet etc. locally and remotely
• Smart sensors
• Controlled power outlets
• Intelligent lighting
• Door video communication
• Access control general entrance
• Access control per apartment
• Access control 2 separate gates + incl. garage doors
• Active sun screens
• Weather station
• Zone heating
• Camera surveillance
• Occupation simulation
• All OFF functionality
• All ON panick button

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