Intrabouw Sint-Niklaas

  • Category Smart Workspace
  • Location Sint-Niklaas
  • Client Intrabouw
  • Date 25 oct 2017

Intrabouw Lifestyle Buildings is a property developer from the Waasland region and is known for its progressive and contemporary projects. Every year, Intrabouw completes 50 to 60 attractive new homes and apartments, focusing on architecture, lay-out in the environment, as well as the comfort and interior decoration of the home.  The construction projects follow the Nearly Zero Energy principle which involves Intrabouw using the best materials and technologies.

The Intrabouw team recently moved to a new base of operations, along the Parklaan in Sint-Niklaas. The construction project, consisting of new apartments and offices, was entirely built using Smart building technology, in collaboration with IPBuilding.

Intrabouw profiles itself as an innovative project developer that has its finger on the pulse when it comes to improving living and working comfort. The various technologies and separate controllers provided by traditional home automation solutions were too limited for present and future needs. To anticipate these needs, Intrabouw decided to work with IPBuilding which develops integrated IP-solutions.

IPBuilding set up a single, integrated information network, both wired and wireless, creating an interconnected environment for data, images, speech, automation and communication.

All smart technologies and devices are combined in a single, easy-to-use platform and are controlled from a single touch screen. In the case of Intrabouw, this is a large, elegant touchscreen, centrally located in the office environment

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