Zone heating

“Extra comfort and especially energy-saving”

IPBuilding ensures comfort and efficient energy management. One example is the integrated zone heating system where smart temperature sensors in the living room, bedroom and bathroom are connected to the UTP Cat 6 bus wiring. These sensors continuously measure the temperature in these rooms. The sensors are incorporated into the standard switches. The easy-to-use weekly program can be used to program the desired comfortable temperature per day and at certain times. The desired temperatures need to be set once per space, but can be changed at any time.

The temperatures are also automatically adjusted depending on whether there is someone in the room, and taking into account day and night times. For example, a “Boost” temperature increase to 22 °C can easily be activated for 60 minutes using the central touchscreen.

The heating can also be operated remotely by the resident. This is useful if you return after a holiday period or come home sooner than expected. Family members and healthcare providers can also change the settings remotely if the resident is no longer able to do so.


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