Ventilation control

“For a healthy living and working environment”

An unhealthy inside climate can cause breathing problems, a dry throat, headaches, allergies, loss of concentration, lack of energy or sleepiness. Too much moisture in the house can in turn create odors, condensation and mildew. That is why it is extremely important to ventilate your home thoroughly and on a regular basis.

Continuous and controlled ventilation is the only effective way to ensure a healthy indoor climate.
Ventilation systems can be controlled via the corresponding 3-way switch (absent, health and boost) or other built-in intelligent system. However, experience shows that this position switch is hardly ever used.

IPBuilding takes over the purpose of this switch. Controlling the ventilation system’s three settings is fully automated, according to the programs “present”, “absent”, “day” and “night”. Also, when cooking, visiting the bathroom or toilet, the ventilation system will automatically run in boost mode for a given period.


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