Multimedia control

“No more remote controls”

You no longer need different remote controls anymore for the TV and digicorder/b-box.

Upon activating the “watching TV” atmosphere, the TV will automatically be switched on to your favourite station, at a pre-determined sound level. If the “going to bed” or “switch everything off” atmosphere is selected, the TV will be switched off automatically.

The touch screen, push buttons, tablet or universal remote control can be used to change the channel and volume.


The TV can also be controlled via pre-set timers. For example: TV is switched on daily at 6 PM and switched off at 10 PM. The TV can also be operated remotely by a family member, healthcare provider or residential care provider.

Certain messages or notifications from the residential care provider or healthcare professional can also be displayed on the TV.

Multimedia package:

  • control 1 television set and 1 decoder (independent of brand)

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