ICE Call emergency call system

“Immediately contact healthcare providers in case of emergency”

In a care setting or assisted living home, having an intelligent emergency call system is vital. IPBuilding’s ICE Call emergency call system is the most complete emergency call system on the market.

When pressing the button (integrated on the touch screen or via the wireless wristband or necklace or wireless red button), a digital connection is established, enabling you to speak with and listen to an authorised healthcare provider. This healthcare provider or dispatcher also immediately knows from where in the building the call was placed.

In addition, the smart assisted living home will also:

  • Switch on all of the lighting
  • Turn off the stove
  • Switch off the TV (to ensure optimum communication with the remote person)
  • Possibly raise the screens
  • Increase the underfloor heating

Not stigmatising
Users do have need for the alarm feature, but they do not want to have a stigmatising product in the house. Therefore, IPBuilding integrated the red button on the touch screen, thus eliminating the need for an old-fashioned white/red call system on the wall.

Accessible anywhere
Call phones can also be located outside of the homes (common areas, corridors, bathrooms, cellar, etc.) of the building, enabling wireless calls from residents to be routed to the healthcare provider from anywhere in the building.

Speech ánd Image = videophones
If the assisted living home is equipped with the video monitoring package (7.2), with integrated IP cameras, live images are immediately sent to the healthcare provider when a call is placed.

Life-long housing
The ICE Call emergency call system can always be added to an existing Smart Living house or apartment. That way, residents have a home they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.


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