Home automation

In an intelligent home, the various systems (lighting, heating, electrical devices, etc.) are linked together and communicate with each other. This gives residents a greater sense of comfort. For example, when sitting in your car, with a single action, you can open the garage door using the remote control, turn on a lighting that leads from the garage up to the entrance, switch the heating to comfort mode and switch on the lights in the living room. Or, you can operate the electric blinds and adjust the dimmable ambient light, while at the same time switching off unnecessary devices from the comfort of your couch. Access control allows you to determine who is able to enter and at what times (family, staff, cleaning lady, home help, etc.).

Unlike for many other intelligent systems, IPBuilding believes that comfort includes ensuring that the software is extremely easy to use. Creating an atmosphere or assigning a function to a push button is child’s play. The newly-created atmosphere will also be displayed on the smartphone or tablet app immediately and automatically.

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