Energy management

IPBuilding enables you to fully monitor your energy consumption resulting in a lower energy bill.

You can integrate your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and set them up in a very user friendly manner, per room or depending on whether anyone is in the room. By using motion sensors in combination with light and time-based controls, the lighting will only be switched on as long as it is necessary. Use of the sunscreens is optimised, controllable electrical outlets can eliminate standby consumption and the “switch everything off”, “night” or “absent” push buttons will ensure that your house or building does not consume anything more than what is necessary for your comfort.

With a single touch of your touchscreen, smartphone, tablet or PC you can review the current energy consumption and the history per day, month or year (for electricity, gas and water). You can view total consumption as well as individual consumption. This allows for efficient management and enables you to use energy more efficiently.

As a result, you can:

  • Calculate your future consumption
  • Map your current consumption (major sources of energy consumption, such as a heat pump, ventilation, washing machine, freezer, etc.)
  • Monitor and reduce standby consumption

The following items are measured:

  • Total consumption of GAS, WATER and ELECTRICITY via pulse counters
  • The energy consumption of 4 specific loops, with devices that consume a lot of electricity (max. 20A): hob, washing machine, dryer and microwave
  • Theoretical calculation of the energy consumption of all connected outlets
  • Energy dashboard displaying:
    • Electricity consumption per user in € and kWh
    • Water consumption
    • Gas consumption (if applicable)
    • Graphs showing the consumption (total/per user) for a specific time period
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