Camera surveillance

Both fire protection and burglary alarms can be perfectly integrated to provide optimum security. For example, the smoke detectors can be connected to the electric shutters, so that they can be raised in case of a fire, and at the same time a string of lights can be turned on, to show you the way out, while the alarm sounds through the audio speakers; all unnecessary electrical devices can also immediately be shut off and the gas valve can be closed automatically.

In case of a burglary, all the lights inside and outside can be switched on, loud music will start playing, and the burglar will be filmed via the IP cameras.

You can use the videophone to communicate with visitors and decide whether or not to allow them in. When you are on holiday, you can give your home the appearance of being occupied, for example, by lowering and raising the blinds every day and switching the lighting on and off in certain rooms. IPBuilding enables you to customise the safety of your property according to your needs and desires.

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