Access control

“One badge only instead of many keys”

Access control is indispensable, both in individual homes and in a building (care setting, apartment building, office building). IPBuilding links a badge reader to the IPBuilding user platform. This enables you, as an administrator, or resident to determine the rights for each badge (e.g. cleaning service or family members only get access at certain times, etc.). The badge reader can be built into the videophone system or operate as a stand-alone device.

In addition to providing access, the badge can also be used to activate the “person present atmosphere”. This will cause the lights to come on, the heating to be set to comfort, ventilation to Healthy and possibly also activating the audio system and setting it to your favourite station at the appropriate sound level.

​The badges can also be used to open the main entrance door, as well as other doors inside the building such as a cafeteria, wellness facilities, car park, shared bicycle shed, etc.

If desired, you can also get notifications when people use their badge. The building management software allows for time schedules to be created, people to be added to or removed from the list, etc. When a badge is lost, it can be deactivated immediately in the user software. You can also consult the history of who gained access when, within specific time intervals.

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