Smart Home Systems, more than a trend

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Trend watchers agree: smart home systems have become an indispensable part of our society in which The Internet of Things is increasingly becoming a reality. The need for intelligently-connected systems continues to increase. Over the last decade, Internet Protocol (IP) has become the global standard for data, image, speech, services and communication between technologies with smart devices in homes and buildings. In addition to the almost organic growth, there is also the ever-stricter legislation on water and energy consumption that requires more rational consumption in order to reduce costs. Another irreversible social change is the ageing population, leading to an acute lack of care facilities. Active senior citizens want to live independently as long as possible in a safe and comfortable environment. However, many people will not be able to physically cope with continuing to live in a house that is not adapted to their age and needs.

Successful solutions

In order to anticipate the future, IPBuilding developed integrated all-in IP solutions for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings and Smart Assisted Living. In practice, this is a single, integrated information network, both wired and wireless, creating an interconnected environment for data, images, speech, automation and communication. All smart technologies and devices are combined into a single, easy-to-use platform. The solutions increase comfort, efficiency and safety, lead to energy savings and optimise communication.

Smart Homes & Buildings in practice

IPBuilding makes sure that all devices are able to communicate within a single, easy-to-use software platform. Unlike traditionally wired push buttons or sensors, these buttons and sensors not only control the predetermined lighting, but, if desired, also the heating, ventilation, sun blinds, multimedia and all kinds of automated features. The features can easily be changed via the software, without the need for rewiring, demolition or construction work.

User-friendly and flexible

The system can be used by way of push buttons, sensors and touch screens. The information is displayed on the touchscreen, smartphone, tablet or computer and is so clear and intuitive that anyone can get the hang of it in no time, even residents who are less well-versed in recent IT trends.

Link with platforms

IPBuilding solutions have been developed in an open source and brand-independent manner, on the IP protocol, which guarantees that they are future-proof. As everything is programmed using the IP protocol, users can choose from a variety of products and brands for switches, screens and modules and they can be sure that their application will still be supported in the future. The systems are also modular and easy to expand on later. Links between the interfaces of various care and service platforms can be created smoothly, which means that the services and cooperation of IPBuilding are very interesting.

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