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Efficient energy management, advanced access control, video surveillance, pre-programmed atmospheres, local and remote control, and more. The benefits of a Smart Building are considerable for residential buildings, office buildings and hotels and shops.

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Local and remote control

IPBuilding represents a single integrated solution that controls all your technologies and devices, inside and around your building. In this way, you can control your building and take a look when something is going on.

Flexibility is crucial

An IPBuilding Smart Building stands for ease of use and flexibility. The function of push buttons can easily be changed. Additional devices can easily be integrated and you can assign extra rights to staff via the unique user platform.

Manage the climate in your office and maintain a pleasant working environment

Energy reduction and a healthy living and working environment are essential today. IPBuilding enables you to identify and reduce unnecessary consumption. In addition, you can create different pre-sets that determine the air quality, heat, lighting, sun protection and any music being played.


Energy management

IPBuilding enables you to fully monitor your energy consumption resulting in a lower energy bill.

You can integrate your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and set them up in a very user friendly manner, per room or depen…


Home automation

In an intelligent home, the various systems (lighting, heating, electrical devices, etc.) are linked together and communicate with each other. This gives residents a greater sense of comfort. For example, when sitting in your car, with a single action, you can op…


Zone heating

“Extra comfort and especially energy-saving”

IPBuilding ensures comfort and efficient energy management. One example is the integrated zone heating system where smart temperature sensors in the living room, bedroom and bathroom are connected to the UT…


Active sunscreens

“Light and heat from the sun according to your own wishes”

By using climate sensors and timers, all electric sunscreens (blinds, curtains, screens) will independently and automatically be raised or lowered, based on the climate outside and inside, the…


Camera surveillance

Both fire protection and burglary alarms can be perfectly integrated to provide optimum security. For example, the smoke detectors can be connected to the electric shutters, so that they can be raised in case of a fire, and at the same time a str…


Access control

“One badge only instead of many keys”

Access control is indispensable, both in individual homes and in a building (care setting, apartment building, office building). IPBuilding links a badge reader to the IPBuilding user platform. This enables you, as an administrato…


Ventilation control

“For a healthy living and working environment”

An unhealthy inside climate can cause breathing problems, a dry throat, headaches, allergies, loss of concentration, lack of energy or sleepiness. Too much moisture in the house can in turn create odors, condensation and …



A living and working environment tailored to your needs

When an employee carrying an IPBuilding badge enters their smart working environment, the office space lighting, temperature, ventilation and music is immediately adapted to the employee’s preferences so as to create a proper, pleasant and stimulating working environment.

Easy to use

IPBuilding focuses on your convenience. We strive to reduce complexity for our customers as much as possible. Everyone can operate their smart home via a touch screen, tablet, PC or smartphone, without the need for a technician!

Opensource solution

IPBuilding’s technology is based on the open internet protocol (IP protocol). This is the global standard for images, speech and data exchange between technologies in homes and buildings. This choice ensures continuity in the future.

Create the buildings of the future!