Modern smart living at your fingertips

Real smart living with IPBuilding: make your life easy and control all functions via 1 app on your smart phone.

Manage your preferences automatically: music, TV, lighting, ventilation, sunscreens, access, …
all that and more, via one platform which is easy to expand.

Smart Living solutions:
Designed for your lifestyle

IPBuilding creates a single, all-in, integrated IP solution for your Smart Home that combines all smart technologies and devices into a single easy-to-use platform. The solutions increase comfort, efficiency and safety, lead to energy savings and optimise communication.

Smart Workspaces:
Connecting devices and techniques

Efficient energy management, advanced access control, video surveillance, and more.

The benefits of a Smart Building are considerable!

Smart Assisted Living technology:
Future Proof and Safe

IPBuilding’s Smart Building Solutions are custom-made for the healthcare industry. Discover the added value of an intelligent combination of many technologies and devices, together with an extremely intelligent emergency call system.

Smart living becomes a reality

Today IPBuilding creates the living, work and care environment of tomorrow.

Control your lifestyle from your smart phone, tablet through a modern, reliable, universal system

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    IPBuilding is a Belgian company that is internationally active and specialises in the development of applications for Smart Homes, Smart Building and Smart Care. IPBuilding develops and produces hardware and user-friendly software for fitting homes and buildings with intelligent systems. IPBuilding has already installed over 1,500 intelligent systems in private homes and apartments as well as in assisted-living housing, residential care homes, offices and shops.

    • Smart Assisted Living
    • Smart Living
    • Smart Workspace

    Smart Assisted Living

    Over the past few years, IPBuilding’s Smart Building solutions have found their way to sites for life-long living, residential care homes, assisted living housing and others. The intelligent combination of many technologies and devices, together with an extremely intelligent emergency call system, provide benefits for residents, families and the building manager.

    Intelligent emergency call system

    With the ICE call of IPBuilding you will have the most innovative emergency call system currently available

    Integrated care and services platform

    IPBuilding means open communication and integrates with Cubigo, Digitale Woonassistent, Smart Assist and Care Solutions

    Manage remotely

    The users platform allows to manage your care services locally and remotely

    Smart Living

    More and more homes and buildings are equipped with intelligent applications and are controlled remotely via PC, smartphone or tablet. This provides more comfort, increased security, better energy consumption management and greater flexibility.

    Smart Living

    Manage your lighting, heating, camera’s, screens and electrical appplicances via tablet or smart phone from wherever you are, in one word, optimum comfort.


    Control your smart home yourself and adapt to your needs without the need for a technician

    Save energy

    Reduce your energy costs with 30% through monitoring the consumption of your hme and exclude stand-by energy usage

    Smart Living

    Smart Workspace

    Efficient energy management, advanced access control, video surveillance, pre-programmed atmospheres, local and remote control, and more. The benefits of a Smart Building are considerable for residential buildings, office buildings and hotels and shops.

    Smart Workspace

    Logged in access control and camera surveillance are one and the same these days. With IPBuilding access rights are instantly acknowledged by the building manager of the building

    Building management

    A Smart Building constantly assembles data of lots of appliances and techniques. IPBuilding allows you to monitor locally or remotely at all times.


    Zone heating and controlled ventilation result in an efficient energy consumption every minute of the day.

    Smart Workspace

    IoT – Internet of Things

    IPBuilding can link with many products and solutions, such as:

    Our beloved partners

    We work in close cooperation with global brands.


    Managing Director
    Stefaan Maes
    Managing Director

    “The information displayed on the touchscreen, tablet, smartphone or computer is so clear and intuitive that anyone can get the hang of this in no time.”

    Sels Architectural Firm
    Annelies Sels

    “The big advantage of IPBuilding is that all technologies and devices are integrated in a single place, instead of having all of them next to each other.”

    Initiator of De Linden assisted-living flats
    Salveto vzw
    Yo Buyens
    Initiator of De Linden assisted-living flats

    “We decided to do business with IPBuilding, as none of the other parties could provide what we wanted. By using IPBuilding’s Smart Building systems, we are able to take action ourselves, remotely, and not only from within the building itself.”

    Sales & operations
    Cornerstones Project Development
    Annemieke Van Glabbeke
    Sales & operations

    “We were looking for an open, brand-independent, all-in-one system with unlimited possibilities that is future-proof. The system also had to be extremely user-friendly, because of our target group. IPBuilding’s system exceeds these requirements.”

    Luc Binst

    “IPBuilding succeeded to combine all technical installations in an overarching fashion via their own programming platform and exquisite service. Working and living of tomorrow is organised as a full-fledged experience in which the pivotal IPBuilding smart living and working system unites the digital revolutions, gadgets and IoT in cohesion with architectural ambitions!”


    Connect all the technologies to a single unit

    More and more homes and buildings are equipped with intelligent solutions that do not communicate between each other. IPBuilding brings all devices and technologies together in a single intelligent platform, with permanent data exchange.

    Opensource solution

    IPBuilding’s technology is based on the open internet protocol (IP protocol). This is the global standard for images, speech and data exchange between technologies in homes and buildings. This choice ensures continuity in the future.

    Easy to use

    IPBuilding focuses on your convenience. We strive to reduce complexity for our customers as much as possible. Everyone can operate their smart home via a touch screen, tablet, PC or smartphone, without the need for a technician!

    Be the pioneer of smart systems and live in the future now!