Door communication & intercom

“Video and speaking and listening link to visitors”

A SIP compatible videophone with call panel is located at the main entrance. A total of 31 push buttons are provided (30 assisted-living homes + reception). When a person rings the doorbell, the touchscreen of the relevant home will start to ring. This screen will then show the video feed from the outside panel. When answering the door, the resident can communicate with the visitor and, if desired, open the main entrance door. The access control badge reader is integrated into the call panel.

Videophone of the outside station with call panel and access control

If certain network requirements are met, the videophone feed (video and audio) can also be sent to the resident’s tablet. This is useful if, for example, the resident is in the cafeteria or visiting neighbours. If a person calls the residential care assistant, this person will have a video, speaking and listening link via the tablet. The touchscreens in the assisted-living housing can also be used as an intercom system. Residents can call the residential care assistant or the reception desk and vice versa. If desired, you can also call other residents.

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