Smart Assisted Living

IPBuilding also focuses on the healthcare industry. Our Smart Living solutions were developed with and for senior citizens and persons requiring care. The ICE Call emergency call system is the most innovative system on the market and is perfectly integrated into the system. It provides an all-in-one solution for residents, family members and the building manager.

ICE Call emergency call system

“Immediately contact healthcare providers in case of emergency”

In a care setting or assisted living home, having an intelligent emergency call system is vital. IPBuilding’s ICE Call emergency call system is the most complete emergency call system o…

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Care and services platforms

“Integration with care and service platforms”

The touch screen also enables links to be created with care and/or services platforms. Third-party applications will be shown directly on the touch screen, and residents, healthcare providers or family members can use this…

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Access control

“One badge only instead of many keys”

Access control is indispensable, both in individual homes and in a building (care setting, apartment building, office building). IPBuilding links a badge reader to the IPBuilding user platform. This enables you, as an administrato…

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Door communication & intercom

“Video and speaking and listening link to visitors”

A SIP compatible videophone with call panel is located at the main entrance. A total of 31 push buttons are provided (30 assisted-living homes + reception). When a person rings the doorbell, the touchscreen of the relevant ho…

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Connect all the technologies to a single unit

More and more homes and buildings are equipped with intelligent solutions that do not communicate between each other. IPBuilding brings all devices and technologies together in a single intelligent platform, with permanent data exchange.


An intelligent home can be adapted as the needs of its residents change over the years, and is therefore very flexible. For example, a children’s room can be turned into an office space instantly, without the need for demolition, construction or additional costs.

Easy to use

IPBuilding focuses on your convenience. We strive to reduce complexity for our customers as much as possible. Everyone can operate their smart home via a touch screen, tablet, PC or smartphone, without the need for a technician!